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The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada attacked by Charles McVety

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Canada Christian College president Charles McVety, launches a rather vicious verbal barrage at The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. In his word.ca program  aired on The Miracle Channel and the IChannel (program #403) McVety hurls names at Christians who don’t accept his anti-science, climate change denial; more names [...]

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada are hyper-environmentalists – Charles McVety

On Sunday April 11, 2010,  Canada Christian College president Charles McVety went on television and called Christians across Canada earthies, hyper-environmentalists and apostates.  (Word.ca program 403). McVety uses his imaginings and a 2006 US commercial from the Competitive Enterprise Institute called Global Warming=Energy to promote his hyperbolized climate change denial. The commercial he bases his [...]