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The Armageddon Factor and its critics

Dennis Gruending. 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved I wrote in a recent post about Marci McDonald’s book The Armageddon Factor, which traces the growing political influence of Canada’s religious right. McDonald has clearly struck a nerve – two bodyguards accompanied her at a recent Calgary event to promote her book. Reviews and interviews with her [...]

The book that isn’t out yet – Karen Selick – Canadian Constitution Foundation

A stir over a labeling error  in a book excerpt in the Toronto Star this weekend regarding  the Canadian Constitution Foundation spilled over to a politically conservative site called No Apologies. No Apologies found the error in The Toronto Star excerpt May 8, 2010 Click here to read what appears to be a lengthy excerpt from Marci [...]

Like a sneak peek at the book all Ottawa will be reading next week?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. It will be a long week for Ottawa’s Christian conservatives next week, thanks to former Maclean’s staffer Marci McDonald. And thanks to the fact that I have obtained her new book, The Armageddon Factor three days before its formal release on May 11, I can give [...]

From The Armageddon Factor The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada

In this country, where the CRTC has kept the reins on religious broadcasting and Catholics make up a larger proportion of the faith community, the emergent Christian right may look and sound different than its American counterpart, but in the five years since the prospect of same-sex marriage propelled evangelicals into political action, it has [...]