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Michael Coren and Garth Turner

Sun columnist and CTS TV host Michael Coren doesn’t like something in former MP Garth Turner’s new book: Sheeple: Caucus Confidential in Stephen Harper’s Ottawa. One particular issue Coren takes issue with was beaten to death at the time and was recently resurrected by Coren as fodder for two columns. On May 2nd Coren wrote [...]

Daily roundup May 2, 2009

Michael Coren notices former MP Garth Turner mentions Canada Christian College president Charles McVety a lot in Turner’s latest book Sheeple. 34 pages of mention to be exact. Coren denies ever hearing McVety say that he could ‘pick up the phone and reach Stephen Harper in two minutes.’ Voice of the Martyrs Canada weblog expresses [...]

Daily Roundup for April 22

The government of Alberta is refusing to permit employees to list their same-sex spouses as, well, spouses – they must be registered in the more limited category of “benefit partner.” Treasury Board president Lloyd Snelgrove says his government has “no intention of changing the definition of spouse to include people in same-sex marriages.” (h/t Slap [...]