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G20: Rapture Outreach Tourism

By Alison. Dawg’s blog. 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved Kady snagged this pic of the¬†Inscribe the Bible.ca bus on Friday. It was parked outside Charles McVety’s¬†Canada Christian College for the Karl Rove mini-G20 Faith and Business speech – which was all about giving the US Dems a “whupping” apparently. Inscribe the Bible Canada [...]

Jason Kenney and Absolute Truths

“Jesus talked about faith as the leaven that raises up the whole loaf; the light from the mountain that illuminates the valley below … a treasure that one discovers through constant searching; a gift from a God who invites all especially the poor and sinners to a banquet of rich foods and fine wines. This [...]

Finding the Pro-Life Caucus on Parliament Hill

From Terrible Depths: It’s not partisan. It doesn’t have a website. There is a chairman – normally two – and possibly even an independent staff of assistants. It’s been operating on Parliament Hill for the last decade, maybe more, and there still hasn’t been a public listing of its members. The “it” I’m referring to [...]