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Who is Tom Flanagan?

A new Tory operative, University of Calgary professor Tom Flanagan, recently weighed in on the continuing Human Rights Commission debates, predictably arguing that the Commissions should be sent to the junkyard, but adding the novel, anti-historical, ideological twist that the free market is a better cure for discrimination. A trio of Canadian bloggers promptly leaped [...]

The Religious Right and the Albertan Human Rights Commission

The Stelmach government in Alberta, when it introduced Bill 44 to amend the province’s Human Rights Act, thought it could make great hay out of a new section establishing “parental rights,” which would let parents yank their kids from classes which touched on religion or sexual orientation (whoops… so much for gay rights…). It might [...]

News Roundup for May 5, 2009

Buckets at Bouquets of Gray points out that new demographic assessments by the Wilson Centre establish that the West is not poised on the brink of “Islamification,” after all (h/t Creative Revolution) StageLeft takes on social conservative Kathy Shaidle’s recent remarks regarding Canada’s human rights commissions Another figure on the religious right, John Pacheco – [...]

Daily roundup May 2, 2009

Michael Coren notices former MP Garth Turner mentions Canada Christian College president Charles McVety a lot in Turner’s latest book Sheeple. 34 pages of mention to be exact. Coren denies ever hearing McVety say that he could ‘pick up the phone and reach Stephen Harper in two minutes.’ Voice of the Martyrs Canada weblog expresses [...]