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Bringing in the chiefs

John Baglow 2010.  Used by permission. All rights reserved McDonald’s recent book on the relationship between the Religious Right and the Harper government, The Armageddon Factor, may have been unclear on finer points of theology, and it contained a small handful of solecisms over which the Usual Suspects snorted and slobbered. But in general it was a [...]

Canada Dominionist Conference – Unite For Dominion

Canada’s neo-charismatic dominionists are putting on a show in Calgary January 28-30, 2010. This is a stellar lineup of religious right leaders who believe Canadians must live under biblical law and they are just the folk to make it happen. Dick Deweert who founded The Miracle Channel (Canada’s TBN) and who stepped down in 2007 after [...]

The Cry…of the misled?

Religious Right Alert has featured posts on dominionism over the past couple of months. Dominionism is a literist extra-biblical  belief common in neo-pentecostal circles, and is most visible in Canada in a seemingly benign independent event called TheCry. This site has previously explored Canadian  dominionism  and it’s expression through TheCry.  What we haven’t done is provide an inside  look. [...]

Stand on Guard A prophetic call & research on the righteous foundations of Canada:review

There is no such thing as underdog status when we are in Christ! It does not exist! Secondly Jesus Christ has legitimately been invited to come into and have dominion over all our affairs as a nation. As the Church in this generation it is our responsibility to remind the nation of our inheritance, violently [...]