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The Armageddon Factor and its critics

Dennis Gruending. 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved I wrote in a recent post about Marci McDonald’s book The Armageddon Factor, which traces the growing political influence of Canada’s religious right. McDonald has clearly struck a nerve – two bodyguards accompanied her at a recent Calgary event to promote her book. Reviews and interviews with her [...]

New Horizons for Seniors Funds Chuck Strahl’s Church

I was a little bit disturbed when I made my daily patrol of the news sites and discovered Lloyd Mackey of CanadianChristianity.com suggesting that there was “a compassionate and entrepreneurial iceberg” of government funding (interesting metaphor) hidden behind a March 18 announcement by Conservative seniors minister Marjory LeBreton, and that the intentions behind these projects [...]

Peter Kent and the Canadian Coalition of Democracies

When he was running as a candidate in the fall 2008 elections, several bloggers commented on the background of Conservative MP Peter Kent, now Minister of State for the Americas. Kent was revealed to be a senior member of the neoconservative outfit Canadian Coalition for Democracies. Wrote Dr. Dawg: It’s a group that appears to [...]

Religious Right 101: Marci McDonald Takes On the “Theo-Cons”

I doubt she thought it would end up this way, but I think the best online primer on the religious right in Canada is still Marci McDonald’s 2006 article in The Walrus, “Stephen Harper and the Theo-Cons: The Rising Clout of Canada’s Religious Right.” McDonald explores the connections between the Christian right, a growing array [...]

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada

Terrible Depths The Religious Right, Stephen Harper and The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada Gary Goodyear’s suggestion that evolution was a theological issue of faith got several bloggers, including myself, interested in the growing influence of the religious right in Canadian politics. At the time of the comments, bloggers hit the roof. The issue [...]