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Karl Rove, Grant Jeffrey Headlined Summit Hosted By CUFI Canada Co-Chair

Rachel  Tabachnick  July 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved. This summit took place on June 25 -27 and is old news, but since it failed to make it into U.S. media, I think it is worth noting. Also, the blurring of the lines between end times prophecy and foreign policy will continue with the [...]

G20: Rapture Outreach Tourism

By Alison. Dawg’s blog. 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved Kady snagged this pic of the Inscribe the Bible.ca bus on Friday. It was parked outside Charles McVety’s Canada Christian College for the Karl Rove mini-G20 Faith and Business speech – which was all about giving the US Dems a “whupping” apparently. Inscribe the Bible Canada [...]

Charles McVety and G-20.ca

Taxpayers are forking out 1 billion dollars to contain poltiicans during the G-8 and G-20 summits and The Conservative Party of Canada get’s cyber-squatted by Canada’s religious right. Whois: Domain name: g20.ca Domain status: EXIST Domain number: 2550364 Approval date: 2008/11/10 Renewal date: 2010/11/10 Updated date: 2009/11/13 via: Rick Mercer Update: The Galloping Beaver points [...]

Charles McVety’s religious right wins victory in Ontario

Ottawa Citizen While the Christian Right in Canada has been able to slow down momentum in some areas, notably abortion rights, they have little success in really shaping public debate and setting the agenda. They react; they rarely initiate. This is what makes the sex education case so interesting. The curriculum changes were apparently made [...]

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada attacked by Charles McVety

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Canada Christian College president Charles McVety, launches a rather vicious verbal barrage at The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. In his word.ca program  aired on The Miracle Channel and the IChannel (program #403) McVety hurls names at Christians who don’t accept his anti-science, climate change denial; more names [...]

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada are hyper-environmentalists – Charles McVety

On Sunday April 11, 2010,  Canada Christian College president Charles McVety went on television and called Christians across Canada earthies, hyper-environmentalists and apostates.  (Word.ca program 403). McVety uses his imaginings and a 2006 US commercial from the Competitive Enterprise Institute called Global Warming=Energy to promote his hyperbolized climate change denial. The commercial he bases his [...]

Michael Coren and Garth Turner

Sun columnist and CTS TV host Michael Coren doesn’t like something in former MP Garth Turner’s new book: Sheeple: Caucus Confidential in Stephen Harper’s Ottawa. One particular issue Coren takes issue with was beaten to death at the time and was recently resurrected by Coren as fodder for two columns. On May 2nd Coren wrote [...]

Daily roundup May 2, 2009

Michael Coren notices former MP Garth Turner mentions Canada Christian College president Charles McVety a lot in Turner’s latest book Sheeple. 34 pages of mention to be exact. Coren denies ever hearing McVety say that he could ‘pick up the phone and reach Stephen Harper in two minutes.’ Voice of the Martyrs Canada weblog expresses [...]

Dr? Charles McVety

When did tracking down ministerial credentials become synonymous with “wild goose chase“? YaYa Canada Bill Kinnon He calls himself, Dr. Charles McVety. One of Dr? Charlie’s Mac’s jobs is working as the president of Canada Christian College. You’ll find Chuck’s faculty data here. Where he claims a D.Min from California State Christian University. According to [...]

B’nai Brith and the Christian Right

Largely due to their disproportionate size, in our society, the Christian right tends to occupy a space seemingly synonymous with the “religious right” in general. This is not, however, necessarily accurate or fair. An article in last year’s summer edition of the Jewish progressive magazine Outlook, written by Concordia historian Stephen Scheinberg, explores the relationships [...]