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Charismatic and Pentecostal

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Inside a Canadian Mega-Church

Mega-churches and charismatic Christianity are often thought of as characteristically American phenomena. That isn’t always the case – the Toronto Blessing, as the name suggests, was a revival movement taking its inspiration from the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Canada.  There are also mega-churches north of the border, though generally smaller and fewer in number [...]

The Cry, Charismatics, and Parliament Hill

Dennis Gruending of Pulpit and Politics, in 2008, explored the charismatic and reconstructionist religious youth organization The Cry, which draws together Canadian youth through prayer rallies in Ottawa and other major centres. The Cry is linked to 4 My Canada, the National House of Prayer, Christian Zionist groups like the Watchmen for the Nations, and a [...]

Religious Rebranding Exercises

In 2003, tobacco titan Philip Morris attempted to reduce the harm being done to its less lethal subsidiaries, like Kraft foods, through a “re-branding” exercise: Philip Morris became Altria Group. The change was little more than skin deep, of course: the company remained otherwise identical (though Kraft has since been spun out again), and the [...]

See how they pray: Ottawa’s National House of Prayer

Dennis Gruending The Ottawa-based National House of Prayer (NHOP) is organizing a National Prayer Sunday for our government and its leaders on June 29. You may not have heard of the NHOP or its prayer list so I will take a brief look at both. You may be surprised – but first a brief bit [...]