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Timothy Bloedow’s Christian Government website becomes Christian Governance

Timothy Bloedow, legislative assistant to Reform-Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott, ¬†former director of Equipping Evangelicals for the Public Square and former Christian Heritage Party of Canada candidate is ramping up his political activism “for¬†promoting explicitly Christian culture and governance.” In May Bleodow changed his website Christian Government to Christian¬†Governance: ChristianGovernance is pursuing a two-fold purpose: 1) [...]

From The Armageddon Factor The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada

In this country, where the CRTC has kept the reins on religious broadcasting and Catholics make up a larger proportion of the faith community, the emergent Christian right may look and sound different than its American counterpart, but in the five years since the prospect of same-sex marriage propelled evangelicals into political action, it has [...]