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The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada attacked by Charles McVety

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Canada Christian College president Charles McVety, launches a rather vicious verbal barrage at The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. In his word.ca program  aired on The Miracle Channel and the IChannel (program #403) McVety hurls names at Christians who don’t accept his anti-science, climate change denial; more names [...]

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada are hyper-environmentalists – Charles McVety

On Sunday April 11, 2010,  Canada Christian College president Charles McVety went on television and called Christians across Canada earthies, hyper-environmentalists and apostates.  (Word.ca program 403). McVety uses his imaginings and a 2006 US commercial from the Competitive Enterprise Institute called Global Warming=Energy to promote his hyperbolized climate change denial. The commercial he bases his [...]

Dr? Charles McVety

When did tracking down ministerial credentials become synonymous with “wild goose chase“? YaYa Canada Bill Kinnon He calls himself, Dr. Charles McVety. One of Dr? Charlie’s Mac’s jobs is working as the president of Canada Christian College. You’ll find Chuck’s faculty data here. Where he claims a D.Min from California State Christian University. According to [...]

B’nai Brith and the Christian Right

Largely due to their disproportionate size, in our society, the Christian right tends to occupy a space seemingly synonymous with the “religious right” in general. This is not, however, necessarily accurate or fair. An article in last year’s summer edition of the Jewish progressive magazine Outlook, written by Concordia historian Stephen Scheinberg, explores the relationships [...]