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Bishops clear Development and Peace on Lifesite allegations

Dennis Gruending Canada’s bishops have rejected allegations that the Catholic aid agency Development and Peace (D_P) provides money to organizations or projects in Mexico that promote abortion. The bishops created D_P in 1967 to support projects in poor countries and to undertake development education in Canada and two bishops sit on D_P’s board. The string [...]

Someone else who gets it

JJ: unrepentant old hippie The NatPo’s Colby Cosh understands why the anti-abortion “movement” and its ongoing campaign of protests and virulent, poisonous rhetoric that targeted and demonized Dr. Tiller for over a decade, shares at least some collective culpability in his death: …Jim Hughes, president of our own Campaign Life Coalition, said that “Those of [...]

March for Life Hits Ottawa

Today is the annual Campaign Life Coalition demo in Ottawa, March for Life (or, in its present incarnation, Exodus 2009). The anticipated event has received coverage in the Globe and Mail, despite Michael Coren’s complaint in the National Post that the cause is being systematically ignored. Dammit Janet! summarizes some of the media back-and-forth. Are [...]

Finding the Pro-Life Caucus on Parliament Hill

From Terrible Depths: It’s not partisan. It doesn’t have a website. There is a chairman – normally two – and possibly even an independent staff of assistants. It’s been operating on Parliament Hill for the last decade, maybe more, and there still hasn’t been a public listing of its members. The “it” I’m referring to [...]

Push Polling, Plagiarism, KLRVU Research Part 2

Bloggers investigate KLR VU Part 1 is here By July 25, 2008 blogger scrutiny began in earnest when unrepentant old hippie noticed chatter about a new poll by a company calling itself KLRVU. The company, whose figures regarding Canadian approval contradicted reputable polling companies, had been hired by Campaign Life Coalition. The company data regarding Canadian opinion about The [...]

Push Polling, Plagarism KLRVU Research & Campaign Life Coalition

On July 1, 2008 Governor General Michelle Jean announced Dr. Henry Morgentaler was to be a recipient of  The Order of Canada. Online reaction was swift. While reputable companies such as Ispos Reid polls indicated a majority of Canadians agreed with the decision, overnight an unknown company calling itself KRLVU Research disagreed, and began to be talked [...]