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Anti-bullying too radical for Ontario religious right

303.1 Every board shall support pupils who want to establish and lead,(a) activities or organizations that promote gender equity;(b) activities or organizations that promote anti-racism;(c) activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, people with disabilities; or(d) activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, [...]

National Post runs McVety family values ad

An Ontario election ad placed in The National Post by Charles McVety’s  Institute for Family Values is being protested around Canada. This is a continuation of McVety’s campaign started last year against proposed revisions to Ontario’s sex ed program, including classic ‘family value’ false claims. A few: -optional lessons aren’t mandatory – like other Canadian [...]

Exodus Global Alliance under investigation

An international religious group that claims to help men and women “overcome” their homosexuality is generating controversy because of its charitable status in Canada. As part of its mission statement Exodus Global Alliance, based in Ajax, Ont., says it is “serving people affected by homosexuality through counselling, support groups and other services.” “Our issue is [...]

“Curing” Gays Isn’t Charity

By [email protected] Upside The Head 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved Update: I’ve set up a sub-page to help organize a campaign. Visit http://www.slapupsidethehead.com/action/ On Wednesday, I posted a story about how Exodus Global Alliance—a religious organisation that offers “freedom from homosexuality” through prayer and something they call sexual reorientation therapy—was denied charitable status in New [...]

Alberta – Court of Queen’s Bench rules anti gay letter not hate speech

In a 39 page ruling this week Justice E.C. Wilson of the court of Queen’s Bench gave the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission a sound legal thrashing in overturning a 2008 ruling that a 2002 letter to The Red Deer Advocate by Steven Boissoin misapplied provincial law.  The acerbic Colby Cosh in Macleans: The Charter of [...]

Conservative blindsiding: MP Diane Ablonczy and MP Brad Trost

As part of the Marquee program, various festivals received larger amounts in funding. There are a number of Marquee festivals and events in Canada and $100m has been allocated over the two years of the program to boost them. As a Tier One festival (i.e. with attendance of more than 250,000) Pride Toronto qualified for 20% [...]

Someone else who gets it

JJ: unrepentant old hippie The NatPo’s Colby Cosh understands why the anti-abortion “movement” and its ongoing campaign of protests and virulent, poisonous rhetoric that targeted and demonized Dr. Tiller for over a decade, shares at least some collective culpability in his death: …Jim Hughes, president of our own Campaign Life Coalition, said that “Those of [...]

The Religious Right and the Albertan Human Rights Commission

The Stelmach government in Alberta, when it introduced Bill 44 to amend the province’s Human Rights Act, thought it could make great hay out of a new section establishing “parental rights,” which would let parents yank their kids from classes which touched on religion or sexual orientation (whoops… so much for gay rights…). It might [...]

Gay Rights at the Border: New Directions Rebukes Exodus International

In a recent post, Benediction Blogs On explored two issues of great interest to this site: anti-gay religious groups, and cross-border connections with religious right groups in America. In February, a Canadian organization called New Directions decided to publicly separate itself from the Focus on the Family-linked U.S. anti-gay group, Exodus International. Exodus wasn’t happy [...]

Albertan “Parental Rights” on Sexuality, Religion, and Evolution

From Terrible Depths, used with permission: Religious Right Alert and Slap Upside the Head have in the past couple weeks been covering some surprisingly petty social conservative policies of Ed Stelmach’s government, like the official statement that the government is not going to recognize public-sector employees’ same-sex spouses as legally married because it believes gay [...]