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Update to Cranmer Foundation activist Mike Daley/Michael Bracci

My sincere thank you to Richard Bartholomew of  Barthlomew’s Notes on Religion for a followup on this post: The Anglican Right and the Cramner Foundation of Canada. A commenter pointed out that Mike Daley was really a fellow named Michael Gordon Bracci. Bracci went to the UK and resurfaced on Twitter as Lord Credo. He’s been [...]

“Curing” Gays Isn’t Charity

By [email protected] Upside The Head 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved Update: I’ve set up a sub-page to help organize a campaign. Visit http://www.slapupsidethehead.com/action/ On Wednesday, I posted a story about how Exodus Global Alliance—a religious organisation that offers “freedom from homosexuality” through prayer and something they call sexual reorientation therapy—was denied charitable status in New [...]

Kings Glory Fellowship Association doesn’t file tax return What’s in a name?

It appears the public is being suckered by Calgarian street preacher Artur Pawlowski. And it appears a group called Kings Glory Fellowship Association may also have been suckered. And it appears Street Church Ministries may have been suckered too. Pawlowski is identified as head pastor of Kings Glory Fellowship Association, which, according to Equipping Christians [...]

Ron and Reynold Mainse removed from 100 Huntley Street, victims of ponzi scheme?

The board of directors at the largest religious broadcast company in Canada have relieved the sons of founder David Mainse of their responsibilities until further notice. Ron Mainse is the director of broadcast interests at Crossroads, and was co-host of the flagship show 100 Huntley Street. His brother Reynold also hosted at 100 Huntley Street [...]

Canadian Charity Leaves Tangled Trail

Universal Aide Society of BC has had its charity licence revoked by The Canada Revenue Agency. The society had been the subject of an article two years ago in The Toronto Star series Give and Take. The licence was yanked April 25th. The Universal Aide Society website is still up with no mention of the [...]

Dr? Charles McVety

When did tracking down ministerial credentials become synonymous with “wild goose chase“? YaYa Canada Bill Kinnon He calls himself, Dr. Charles McVety. One of Dr? Charlie’s Mac’s jobs is working as the president of Canada Christian College. You’ll find Chuck’s faculty data here. Where he claims a D.Min from California State Christian University. According to [...]

Push Polling, Plagarism KLRVU Research & Campaign Life Coalition

On July 1, 2008 Governor General Michelle Jean announced Dr. Henry Morgentaler was to be a recipient of  The Order of Canada. Online reaction was swift. While reputable companies such as Ispos Reid polls indicated a majority of Canadians agreed with the decision, overnight an unknown company calling itself KRLVU Research disagreed, and began to be talked [...]