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Charles McVety channels John Hagee – letting Iman Delic speak is serious security failure

Imam Zijad Delic of the Canadian Islamic Congress has been uninvited from an event at National Defence headquarters marking Islamic History Month. If I’m reading the article properly the Defence Department’s visible minority advisory group event has been cancelled, not just the invitation to Iman Delic. The decision was announced late Friday afternoon by Defense [...]

Pope Benedict has no sense of irony

Dammit Janet! …And in other news, bears shit in the woods. Pope Benedict XVI called on Christians and Muslims today to serve mankind with the “light of God’s truth” while warning that extremists in nations such as Iraq were exploiting religious differences for political and violent agendas. Speaking at the Al Hussein bin Talal Mosque, [...]

Honour Killings Test the Canadian Judicial System

Dr. Dawg explores the apparent strategy by Hasibullah Sadiqi to defend his killing of his sister and her fiancée in Ottawa as a matter of honour: the defence team will concede that he indeed shot the couple, but argue provocation… It is not the eventual outcome of the trial that concerns me here. It is [...]

The Canada-Israel Committee and Canadian “Fifth Columnists”

Blogger Dr. Dawg claims to have obtained a document prepared by Canada-Israel Committee CEO, Shimon Fogel, which describes “a broad strategy… for monitoring Canadians whom the CIC feels are politically suspect.” He warns that he has not verified the authenticity of the document and is open to a denial or other statement from the Committee. The [...]

Peter Kent and the Canadian Coalition of Democracies

When he was running as a candidate in the fall 2008 elections, several bloggers commented on the background of Conservative MP Peter Kent, now Minister of State for the Americas. Kent was revealed to be a senior member of the neoconservative outfit Canadian Coalition for Democracies. Wrote Dr. Dawg: It’s a group that appears to [...]