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Anti-bullying too radical for Ontario religious right

303.1 Every board shall support pupils who want to establish and lead,(a) activities or organizations that promote gender equity;(b) activities or organizations that promote anti-racism;(c) activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, people with disabilities; or(d) activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, [...]

Exodus Global Alliance under investigation

An international religious group that claims to help men and women “overcome” their homosexuality is generating controversy because of its charitable status in Canada. As part of its mission statement Exodus Global Alliance, based in Ajax, Ont., says it is “serving people affected by homosexuality through counselling, support groups and other services.” “Our issue is [...]

“Curing” Gays Isn’t Charity

By [email protected] Upside The Head 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved Update: I’ve set up a sub-page to help organize a campaign. Visit http://www.slapupsidethehead.com/action/ On Wednesday, I posted a story about how Exodus Global Alliance—a religious organisation that offers “freedom from homosexuality” through prayer and something they call sexual reorientation therapy—was denied charitable status in New [...]

Conservative blindsiding: MP Diane Ablonczy and MP Brad Trost

As part of the Marquee program, various festivals received larger amounts in funding. There are a number of Marquee festivals and events in Canada and $100m has been allocated over the two years of the program to boost them. As a Tier One festival (i.e. with attendance of more than 250,000) Pride Toronto qualified for 20% [...]

The Parlimentary Pro-Life Caucus: Identifying the Members

From Terrible Depths As promised, the following updates my previous post on the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus, a secretive group of pro-life parliamentarians in Ottawa. Interestingly, the article, after being cross-posted at Religious Right Alert, was picked up by the blog of Equipping Christians for the Public Square, a religious right political advocacy group currently headed [...]

Honour Killings Test the Canadian Judicial System

Dr. Dawg explores the apparent strategy by Hasibullah Sadiqi to defend his killing of his sister and her fiancée in Ottawa as a matter of honour: the defence team will concede that he indeed shot the couple, but argue provocation… It is not the eventual outcome of the trial that concerns me here. It is [...]

The Development and Peace “Scandal”: The Catholic Church and Women’s Rights

In late March, several religious right organizations – including Priests for Life Canada, LifeSiteNews, and Social Conservatives United – broke the story that the official international aid agency of the Canadian Catholic church, Development and Peace, was funding NGOs in developing countries which were, among other things, pro-choice. The resulting outcry was enough that the [...]

Daily Roundup for April 22

The government of Alberta is refusing to permit employees to list their same-sex spouses as, well, spouses – they must be registered in the more limited category of “benefit partner.” Treasury Board president Lloyd Snelgrove says his government has “no intention of changing the definition of spouse to include people in same-sex marriages.” (h/t Slap [...]

The Canada Family Action Coalition vs. Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin

What can recent history tell us about the methods and strategies for gaining publicity, used by some Christian right organizations? The following is an informative case story which took place last summer. In August 2008, 42 organizations led by the Canada Family Action Coalition complained to the Canadian Judicial Council, seeking Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin’s [...]

Push Polling, Plagiarism, KLRVU Research Part 2

Bloggers investigate KLR VU Part 1 is here By July 25, 2008 blogger scrutiny began in earnest when unrepentant old hippie noticed chatter about a new poll by a company calling itself KLRVU. The company, whose figures regarding Canadian approval contradicted reputable polling companies, had been hired by Campaign Life Coalition. The company data regarding Canadian opinion about The [...]