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The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada attacked by Charles McVety

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Canada Christian College president Charles McVety, launches a rather vicious verbal barrage at The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. In his word.ca program  aired on The Miracle Channel and the IChannel (program #403) McVety hurls names at Christians who don’t accept his anti-science, climate change denial; more names [...]

News Roundup: Education Edition

Two religious battles over education now appear to be shaping up in this country: one over religious education in Québec, and the other over new parental rights legislation in Alberta. The Albertan controversy, which has been discussed previously on this site as well as at other blogs, is being covered regularly by Big City Lib, [...]

The Religious Right and the Albertan Human Rights Commission

The Stelmach government in Alberta, when it introduced Bill 44 to amend the province’s Human Rights Act, thought it could make great hay out of a new section establishing “parental rights,” which would let parents yank their kids from classes which touched on religion or sexual orientation (whoops… so much for gay rights…). It might [...]

Albertan “Parental Rights” on Sexuality, Religion, and Evolution

From Terrible Depths, used with permission: Religious Right Alert and Slap Upside the Head have in the past couple weeks been covering some surprisingly petty social conservative policies of Ed Stelmach’s government, like the official statement that the government is not going to recognize public-sector employees’ same-sex spouses as legally married because it believes gay [...]

Daily Roundup for April 30, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI has issued a statement of “sorrow” but not an apology, after meeting with First Nations leaders to discuss the residential school system. (h/t Dammit Janet!, Unrepentant Old Hippie) David MacDonald and 4 My Canada director Faytene Kryskow have presented a 18 222-signature petition to the Governor-General, demanding she revoke Henry Morgentaler’s Order [...]