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Karl Rove, Grant Jeffrey Headlined Summit Hosted By CUFI Canada Co-Chair

Rachel  Tabachnick  July 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved. This summit took place on June 25 -27 and is old news, but since it failed to make it into U.S. media, I think it is worth noting. Also, the blurring of the lines between end times prophecy and foreign policy will continue with the [...]

G20: Rapture Outreach Tourism

By Alison. Dawg’s blog. 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved Kady snagged this pic of the Inscribe the Bible.ca bus on Friday. It was parked outside Charles McVety’s Canada Christian College for the Karl Rove mini-G20 Faith and Business speech – which was all about giving the US Dems a “whupping” apparently. Inscribe the Bible Canada [...]

Like a sneak peek at the book all Ottawa will be reading next week?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. It will be a long week for Ottawa’s Christian conservatives next week, thanks to former Maclean’s staffer Marci McDonald. And thanks to the fact that I have obtained her new book, The Armageddon Factor three days before its formal release on May 11, I can give [...]

Canada’s ties to the Council for National Policy

From Dawn thot :summary. The full 20 page .pdf can be downloaded from the link. The chart at Dawn thot is interactive. Clicking on each organization will give you a quick summary of what the organizations beliefs are. I think many Canadian Conservatives would be dismayed if they knew the extent of the economic and [...]

Shona Holmes and The Canadian Constitution Federation

A US group, Americans for Prosperity has been running a 1.8 million dollar ad against US health care reform on US television. One of their TV ads has featured Canadian Shona Holmes telling Americans she would have died from wait time if she couldn’t have gone to the US. What many Canadians don’t know is that [...]

Someone else who gets it

JJ: unrepentant old hippie The NatPo’s Colby Cosh understands why the anti-abortion “movement” and its ongoing campaign of protests and virulent, poisonous rhetoric that targeted and demonized Dr. Tiller for over a decade, shares at least some collective culpability in his death: …Jim Hughes, president of our own Campaign Life Coalition, said that “Those of [...]

Canadian Charity Leaves Tangled Trail

Universal Aide Society of BC has had its charity licence revoked by The Canada Revenue Agency. The society had been the subject of an article two years ago in The Toronto Star series Give and Take. The licence was yanked April 25th. The Universal Aide Society website is still up with no mention of the [...]

Gay Rights at the Border: New Directions Rebukes Exodus International

In a recent post, Benediction Blogs On explored two issues of great interest to this site: anti-gay religious groups, and cross-border connections with religious right groups in America. In February, a Canadian organization called New Directions decided to publicly separate itself from the Focus on the Family-linked U.S. anti-gay group, Exodus International. Exodus wasn’t happy [...]