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What is Rod Bruinooge’s Private Members Bill Really About?

“Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.” Mother Teresa (1910-1997) I find that quote used often on pro-life websites to equate abortion with violence. However, it doesn’t ring true for most of these sites, that all too often support war [...]

Bishops clear Development and Peace on Lifesite allegations

Dennis Gruending Canada’s bishops have rejected allegations that the Catholic aid agency Development and Peace (D_P) provides money to organizations or projects in Mexico that promote abortion. The bishops created D_P in 1967 to support projects in poor countries and to undertake development education in Canada and two bishops sit on D_P’s board. The string [...]

Someone else who gets it

JJ: unrepentant old hippie The NatPo’s Colby Cosh understands why the anti-abortion “movement” and its ongoing campaign of protests and virulent, poisonous rhetoric that targeted and demonized Dr. Tiller for over a decade, shares at least some collective culpability in his death: …Jim Hughes, president of our own Campaign Life Coalition, said that “Those of [...]

Preston Manning Fronts for Signal Hill Fronts for Pro Life BC

In Thursday’s National Post, Terry O’Neill published a fluff piece promoting a new pro-life group in B.C., Signal Hill. (He gets around to mentioning that he is actually on the board of Signal Hill, and therefore presumably playing the role more of interested promoter than critical columnist, only midway down the page, and his bio, [...]

The Parlimentary Pro-Life Caucus: Identifying the Members

From Terrible Depths As promised, the following updates my previous post on the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus, a secretive group of pro-life parliamentarians in Ottawa. Interestingly, the article, after being cross-posted at Religious Right Alert, was picked up by the blog of Equipping Christians for the Public Square, a religious right political advocacy group currently headed [...]

Campaign for Life Ottawa March coverage

The Campaign Life Coalition’s Exodus 2009 (I googled Exodus 2009 and hit stories of Sri Lankan civilians displaced in civil war) March for Life held it’s yearly Parliament Hill rally.  Just about every year they complain the group claims it doesn’t get either any/enough/favorable/inaccurate media coverage.  As mentioned Michael Coren wrote a piece for them in The National Post, [...]

March for Life Hits Ottawa

Today is the annual Campaign Life Coalition demo in Ottawa, March for Life (or, in its present incarnation, Exodus 2009). The anticipated event has received coverage in the Globe and Mail, despite Michael Coren’s complaint in the National Post that the cause is being systematically ignored. Dammit Janet! summarizes some of the media back-and-forth. Are [...]

Finding the Pro-Life Caucus on Parliament Hill

From Terrible Depths: It’s not partisan. It doesn’t have a website. There is a chairman – normally two – and possibly even an independent staff of assistants. It’s been operating on Parliament Hill for the last decade, maybe more, and there still hasn’t been a public listing of its members. The “it” I’m referring to [...]

Daily Roundup for April 30, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI has issued a statement of “sorrow” but not an apology, after meeting with First Nations leaders to discuss the residential school system. (h/t Dammit Janet!, Unrepentant Old Hippie) David MacDonald and 4 My Canada director Faytene Kryskow have presented a 18 222-signature petition to the Governor-General, demanding she revoke Henry Morgentaler’s Order [...]

The Development and Peace “Scandal”: The Catholic Church and Women’s Rights

In late March, several religious right organizations – including Priests for Life Canada, LifeSiteNews, and Social Conservatives United – broke the story that the official international aid agency of the Canadian Catholic church, Development and Peace, was funding NGOs in developing countries which were, among other things, pro-choice. The resulting outcry was enough that the [...]