Stephen Harper and the Religious Right

What is the religious right?


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  1. I will try to be give you my opinion about Religion with regards to the Gender Issue in Ontario Schools. First I do not agree with the teaching of any religion in any schools in Ontario or for the most part Canada. Especially to young immigrants who have come from another cuture were religions order did not exist or there was a religion , not like the Catholic Faith. This is a big problem of society in Canada and Ontario. Most new emigrate parents are not aware of the religion being taught in these Catholic and Private Schools in Ontario. These is harmful and not right to the younger person growing up in Canada . I see it as a way to assimilate the young mind into the Catholic way of life . This strips the young mind to reason for itself and to have freedom of though with regards to a religion. As with the Gender issue; Modern society has bred this into the current Society thinking with respect to human rights. I believe Society and it way to accept all believes in this world has created this abnormal society of people ; who claim to be different; with different humanistic values. Man has made this Class of humans. I for one do not agree with it but in todays Human right issues; you can not disagree with this society ; because if you do you will be violating there human right to be of a different gender. This has crept into the schools of Ontario it would seem. These people who are of a different gender deamn the same rights as normal people in todays society. One has to wonder where this whole Gender Issue is going in the futre of this world. I do question the whole gender issue it self. Oone question is this . ” How does a 12 year kid know if he is GAY or not Gay? ” Do the parents declare you Gay ?

    Posted by idorun | June 13, 2012, 7:46 am
  2. I liked your videos, you’re very charismatic.

    Where is episode 3?

    I found this randomly while trying to research how many conservative mp’s were christian fundamentalists as well as Harper.

    This issue concerns me.


    Posted by Paul | July 13, 2012, 6:37 pm
  3. Missing in Canada is an organized and influential religious lobby.
    Much has been made of the political influence of the religious right in the
    American context. But despite some consternation among the political left in Canada and some hope among religious interests, religious groups have little clout in Canada’s corridors of power.
    So Canada has no “religious right”. The video presenter uses an American reality and mixes it with a Canadian non-reality. Moreover, to lump people as this or that is uneducated but typical of opinion polls. I would suggest people actually read academic reearch on this topic and not a YOUTUBE video.

    Posted by matthias | February 26, 2013, 12:56 pm

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