Update to Cranmer Foundation activist Mike Daley/Michael Bracci

My sincere thank you to Richard Bartholomew of  Barthlomew’s Notes on Religion for a followup on this post: The Anglican Right and the Cramner Foundation of Canada.

A commenter pointed out that Mike Daley was really a fellow named Michael Gordon Bracci. Bracci went to the UK and resurfaced on Twitter as Lord Credo. He’s been a busy guy since his cyber-squatting and deception in Canada. The Blog That Peter Wrote chronicles  Bracci’s lies as Lord Credo:

In brief this is the picture of how he has portrayed of himself:

- He was David Cameron’s personal advisor and representative
- He reported only and personally to David Cameron and the Chief Whip
- Only the Chief Whip and his “good friend” William Hague knew his identity online
- He was on the same level with Andy Coulson, was offered his job, but refused it
- He previously worked for the Canadian PM and was personally head-hunted to work for ours
- Somehow, however, he also fitted in working for the Archbishop of Canterbury in comms
- He had read theology, trained as a priest, worked as a policeman briefly in Ontario, then as a pilot, before going into politics/ communications. He suffers from MS.

Credo resigned his job for David Cameron in May, but is currently on gardening leave.  This was because of a personal falling out, even though the Prime Minister has apparently called him and begged him to return to his job.  It coincides with the diagnosis of a brain tumour (more on this later).

Credo’s “offline” name is Mike Paterson.  He has always taken pains to protect his identity, because he is so “high level”.  I did hear him give this name, however, in my presence to officers of the Essex Constabulary in May 2011.

Mike Daley/Paterson/Lord Credo/Bracci landed himself an interview at The Huffington Post as one of four high level Tories Who Tweet Anonymously.

During his time in the UK as Mike Paterson, he took advantage of people’s kindness this past summer, crashing at various homes, borrowing money and not paying it back, and escalating his deception. He announced on his Lord Credo twitter feed that he had a malignant brain tumour, telling his long suffering hosts offline about his ‘late’ wife, who turns out to be alive and well:

Mike is still married.  His wife is not a dead medical doctor in Sydney, but in fact teaches philosophy at an American university.  She is a former evangelical Christian, turned traditionalist.  From what I can see on line she appears to be very much alive.  She did grow up in the Black Forest, which he had mentioned a couple of times to me about his “late wife”.  She talks in one Canadian magazine interview about their traditional marriage and how her husband Mike has moved to London for a job in PR, but that they make things work.  I’ve no idea if she knows about his now girlfriend and how that fits in exactly with this viewpoint.

Before his deception in the UK unravelled  offline the past week, Bracci approached Richard Bartholmew as Lord Credo:

I became aware of “Lord Credo” a few months ago, when he offered to bring complaints by Tim Ireland about Nadine Dorries’ conduct and its consequences to the attention of Cameron’s office. Tim agreed to send him documentation in return for proof of delivery, at which point “Lord Credo” became hostile and jumped on the smear-against-Tim bandwagon (a bandwagon which more than one cyber-thug has found it convenient to join).

When his Lord Credo/Mike Paterson deception collapsed, Bracci, who had no “residency or work permit” to be in the UK,  hightailed it back to Canada. As Lord Credo, he tweeted that within a few hours of landing his mother died. His mother is alive and well. He deleted his Twitter account and threatened to commit suicide if  Peter at The Blog That Peter Wrote did not remove his post:

20/8 Additional Information: Credo admitted in public on his profile, after this post was published, that he was a liar.  He then deleted the profile.  He has been in constant IM contact with me throughout today, threatening suicide at one moment if I did not remove this blog (only to ask 10 minutes later: “are you still there?”), through to begging for forgiveness, and then justifying his actions.  He’s admitted that his wife is not dead and says he’s in contact with her.  I’m simply screen saving everything, refusing to let him manipulate me in the way he wants, and warning him to steer clear of anyone in my circle of friends.

For anyone thinking “whatever” I want to stress this is not about a fake Twitter account – it’s about a person who has used the medium to trick people in real life and caused massive upset.  Help he clearly needs, but my responsibility is to those I care about, which is why I published this.

21/8 Finally, according to his girfriend (and as tweeted by her) his mother is “very much alive” and she has spoken to her.  She has also tweeted that Michael conned her personally out of £15,000.

In the 2 years Michael Bracci was in the UK, he managed to deceive elected government officials, media and bureaucrats, and people who befriended him.  I’ve no doubt the PMO never heard of him. Given his years of fantasying, roleplaying and shit-disturbing, it’s likely Bracci will surface with another online confidence game sooner than later.

Who’s blogging?

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  1. >he managed to deceive elected government officials, media and bureaucrats, and people who befriended him.

    Who are the ‘elected officials’ and ‘media’, please?

    I haven’t seen any so far – just one way allegations that he claimed to know people.

    I wouldn’t call HuffPo media in the sense of expecting them to fact check thoroughly.

    Posted by Matt Wardman | August 24, 2011, 2:21 am
  2. Fair point Matt, there is a witness to the media meetups, the MP’s seem to have been his word for it.

    Posted by Bene Diction | August 24, 2011, 5:50 pm
  3. Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Murray, do you know this man?, because you gave him $341,644.

    Mr. McGuinty, do you know McKenley Esnard? I hope so. Because you gave him $341,644. $341,644 of Ontario Taxpayer Money.

    Minister Murray, do you know McKenley Esnard? I hope so. You see, you’re quoted in his company’s press release of August 25th, 2011 talking about how “proud” you are to support companies like his (see attached report).

    You know who does know McKenley Esnard? The Ontario Securities Commission. They know him. Why? Because they’re investigating him. The file number is # 20110926-8862.

    Do you know who DOESN’T KNOW McKenley Esnard? The Harvard Business School doesn’t. That’s who doesn’t know him, even though he claims to have a Harvard MBA. Call their Registrar’s Office and see for yourself. (see attached report)

    You know who else DOESN’T KNOW McKenley Esnard? The University of Toronto and the University of Vermont. They don’t know him even though McKenley Esnard claims to have three (3) PhDs from these schools (see attached report)

    In total, our investigation found fourteen (14) fraudulent misrepresentations in his professional biography. (see attached report)

    As the Chairman of the Board of ENPAR Technologies, the company you gave $341,644, McKenley Esnard is raising money – our money – using fraudulent credentials. That’s a material violation of Securities regulations. That’s why the OSC is investigating McKenley Esnard.

    Fake credentials. Real money. Our money.

    C’mon Dalton. C’mon Minister Murray. Ontario Taxpayers deserve better.

    Stop the Fraud Now!

    Ontario Taxpayers Revolt

    Posted by Ontario Tax Payers | September 30, 2011, 8:08 am

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