Is Chapters Indigo playing politics with paperback release of The Armageddon Factor?

As I noted last week – Marci McDonald’s revised edition of The Armageddon Factor was released by Random House April 13, 2011. Being that it is a revised trade paperback which according to Random House is available, where is it?

How come I can’t get a copy from Chapters Indigo?
It’s a fair question I posed to a clerk from my local outlet.
(The book is available at independent booksellers)

The clerk was unaware The Armageddon Factor was out in paperback and told me that their shipping takes about 3 weeks, which is normal for this time of year.  Because Chapters Indigo is a chain, the stores put the books out when everyone else in the chain gets them.

She offered that as far as she knew her employer was waiting on the publisher to ship them.

Okay. Chapters Indigo is owned by Heather Reisman (CEO). She is married to Gerry Schartwz who is the Board Chair, President and CEO of Onex. They are friends of Stephen and Laureen Harper, and have been Conservative Party backers since 2006.
Nigel Wright, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, is on loan to Harper by the Onex Corporation. Wright’s appointment is noted in the afterword of the updated and revised trade paperback.

Given the paperback was updated and out in time for the election I have a question.
Where is it? Is the revised edition sitting in  Chapters-Indigo warehouses?  The chain is in approximately 131  cities across Canada and I can appreciate delays, but the next obvious question is this.

Is Chapters Indigo holding back stocking this book until after May 2nd?
As asked in the post headline. Is this bookstore chain playing politics?

How would you like to help out? Give the nearest Chapters Indigo store a call and ask if the paperback is in. If it isn’t ask why not.  If you have an independent bookstore in your location, give them a call and see if they have it on the shelves, or if they can get it to you within the next few days and post your findings in the comment section.

The e-book is available, since, as far as I can tell Random House released it, and online sales aren’t held up in warehouses. The paperback edition is also available from Amazon Canada. The unrevised hardcover is also available at my local store.

Unfortunately the Chapters Indigo non-fiction blog does not allow comments, so readers willing to find out if their Chapters Indigo has the revised edition on their shelf will have to leave their information in the BDBO comment section.  When you use the online store finder, every location you can key in, lists the availabilty as 0. Zero. Go ahead, try it.

Given the kerfuffle with the hardcover release of The Armageddon Factor last year, the delay reaching Reisman’s bookstore shelves deserves an explanation.

If you were able to purchase a copy of the paperback from a Chapters Indigo outlet, pop into the comments and let us know.


5 comments for “Is Chapters Indigo playing politics with paperback release of The Armageddon Factor?”

  1. They also censored alot of gnostic texts like John Lash’s Not In His Image.

    Posted by jason | May 10, 2011, 3:34 pm
  2. [...] The softcover version came out a month ago, during the federal election, and was noticeably absent from national bookstore Chapters. [...]

    Posted by The Armageddon Factor Blog goes live | May 12, 2011, 10:16 pm
  3. I purchased _ read the Armageddon Factor last summer from Chapters on Robson, here in Vancouver. The book is incredibly accurate _ informative. I`m a Canadian who lived in the US for a number of years corresponding to the rise of the religious right in America.

    Posted by H. Bart Vincelette | June 14, 2011, 1:31 am
  4. Another man bites dog story… Heather does this ALL THE TIME. SHE sees herself as some ‘book lady’. She’s not. She’s no friend of the book trade, the public library, or the right to read.

    Chapters people visit a lot of Canadian publishers and go over next seasons lists. If Chapters don’t like it, it probably gets sent back to the author with a nice, ‘sorry’ letter. Think this is over the top? Call a couple of editors and ask them.

    Boycott Chapters. Don’t support our self appointed censor, Heather.

    Posted by Jos. McQuaid | July 30, 2011, 10:31 am
  5. Heather Reisman’s name has appeared on the Bilderberg Group attendees list that has been leaked on more than one occasion.

    She is ‘elite’ scum.

    Research the Bilderbergers and you will understand why Gnosticism, in particular, is very dangerous to the men, women and others that believe they rule the world and it’s people.

    Posted by Anya Holjevac | October 14, 2011, 7:17 pm

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