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Is Chapters Indigo playing politics with paperback release of The Armageddon Factor?

As I noted last week – Marci McDonald’s revised edition of The Armageddon Factor was released by Random House April 13, 2011. Being that it is a revised trade paperback which according to Random House is available, where is it? How come I can’t get a copy from Chapters Indigo? It’s a fair question I posed [...]

McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor revealed Planned Parenthood International defunding

In the revised and updated paperback edition of The Armageddon Factor, author Marci McDonald writes about the defunding of International Planned Parenthood Federation after 40 years of co-operation with the Canadian government. Along with new material on Brad Trost, McDonald writes this after recapping the hue and cry over Bev Oda’s announcement that abortion would [...]

Vote Pray Serve.ca – Violating the Elections Act?

Who is behind this website? Vote Pray Serve was set up by a person or persons unknown on March 21, 2011, five days before the write was dropped  and according to Whois was registered by  Sibername Internet and Software Technologies Inc. The website states it is run by a group of volunteers who are soliciting [...]

Canada celebrates Israel: Christian Zionism and the election

Dennis Gruending. April 2011. Used by permission. All rights reserved. On day 12 of the federal election campaign Stephen Harper was in Markham, Ontario wooing immigrant voters. That same evening in Ottawa several hundred people gathered at a church called the Peace Tower on Bronson Avenue not far from Parliament Hill. There they pledged fealty [...]