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David Sweet, Spiritual Capital and Reconstructionism

When Darrel Reid was defeated as a Conservative candidate in 2006, he became “Vice President of Project Development for the Work Research Foundation, an organization with the stated mission to “influence people to a Christian view of work and public life.””(1) I must admit that I’d never heard of the ‘Work Research Foundation’ and wasn’t [...]

Conservative Party attacks The Armageddon Factor writer

Last Wednesday, a day after CBC TV’s nightly news program, The National, aired a segment about right-wing Christians infiltrating the government, party representatives fired out a press memo accusing the national broadcaster of waging a culture war against the Tories. The news story was pegged to the release of a new book, Marci McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor: [...]

The Armageddon Factor – it’s a best seller

Strengths and weaknesses Many of the groups and individuals that McDonald writes about are what she describes as “Christian nationalists”. They are people who want their country governed by Biblical principles, as they define them, and there is little room for diversity, tolerance, secularism or faiths other than their own fevered brand of Christianity. McDonald’s [...]

Paying the Christ Tax

John Baglow 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Thanks to the efficient Harper government, Canadians are doing both at once. Since 2008, there has been a spike in Christian funding by the feds–using our tax money. As reported [...]

Dangerous Liasons: Christian Legal Fellowship and the Alliance Defense Fund

In 2004, a twelve-year-old Ohio boy, James Nixon, won the right to wear a T-shirt to school, that read: Homosexuality is a sin, Islam is a lie, abortion is murder “, after his parents sued the school, who asked him not to. (1) His case was handled by the Alliance Defense Fund, who challenged the [...]

Thanks Random House

For moderate and left-leaning evangelicals who have seen their faith expropriated by hostile forces, such moves come as a relief. Watching the antics of Chariles McVety as he demanded Beverley McLachlin’s removal as chief justice of the Supreme Court, many shared the sentiments of Kitchener author James Bow. “Speaking as a Christian, I just want [...]

The book that isn’t out yet – Karen Selick – Canadian Constitution Foundation

A stir over a labeling error  in a book excerpt in the Toronto Star this weekend regarding  the Canadian Constitution Foundation spilled over to a politically conservative site called No Apologies. No Apologies found the error in The Toronto Star excerpt May 8, 2010 Click here to read what appears to be a lengthy excerpt from Marci [...]

Like a sneak peek at the book all Ottawa will be reading next week?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. It will be a long week for Ottawa’s Christian conservatives next week, thanks to former Maclean’s staffer Marci McDonald. And thanks to the fact that I have obtained her new book, The Armageddon Factor three days before its formal release on May 11, I can give [...]

From The Armageddon Factor The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada

In this country, where the CRTC has kept the reins on religious broadcasting and Catholics make up a larger proportion of the faith community, the emergent Christian right may look and sound different than its American counterpart, but in the five years since the prospect of same-sex marriage propelled evangelicals into political action, it has [...]

News digest May 5, 2010

Senator Nancy Ruth (Conservative) appointed by Liberal government in 2005 Fuddle Duddle Federal funding cuts to Canadian womens groups Blogging the Galloway case – we move to canada How George Galloway was barred from Canada in less than two hours -Globe _ Mail Background at Canadian Dimension: Jason Kenney: Point man for a theocratic state? [...]