Serge LeClerc Saskatchewan Party MLA steps aside, says he’s been smeared

This is a strange one.

The CBC lead the story with the politician who is at the centre of it on Friday.

MLA Serge LeClerc (Saskatoon Northwest) who was a former director of Saskachewan Teen Challenge (2000-2007) stepped done from provincial caucus Friday, after a 12 minute audio recording of an internet chat and a 60 page transcript surfaced. The discussion on the tape between two men was about sex and drugs. The transcript alleges many of the comments were made in 2009.

LeClerc said that while one of the people on the tape sounded a lot like him it could not be him. He said he had not used drugs in decades and that someone was attempting to smear him.

LeClerc told the CBC Friday he would submit to a drug test and turn the transcript and tape over to police.

Regina Police are investigating.
LeClerc told media Monday he had given his personal laptop to his fiancee and her children in Ontario.
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said LeClerc would be seated as an independent and his nomination suspended while allegations were investigated.

60 year old LeClerc was elected as a Saskatchewan Party MLA in 2007 and until Friday was legislative secretary to the Corrections Minister and a member of the Human Services committee. He won the riding by 2000 votes and had been nominated to run again for the party in 2011.

He told media he and the premier had discussed him heading up a new provincial drug program, and he had made the decision not to run in the next election prior to Friday’s allegations.

“This is a province known for its bloodsport politics … I’m too old and I’m not going to subject my family to that.

“You know, the people who know me well will stand behind me. They know me, they know my character and they know my lifestyle and they’ve known who I am for a long period of time. The people that don’t know me, it doesn’t matter, they can believe what they want to believe. And at the end of the day the people who hate me because they are NDP supporters will hate me no matter what evidence comes out,” he said, describing himself as “emotionally and psychologically drained.”

…LeClerc characterizes himself as former career criminal and drug addict who transformed his life after finding Christianity in prison and now counsels others as a motivational speaker.

He was not at the legislature Monday and he said he would apply for a stress medical leave. He said he was plagued by ill health from serious sinus problems, vertigo and the after-effects from beatings and head injuries he suffered as a criminal.

LeClerc said he was not considering resigning his seat until he explores all legal channels in his attempt to clear his name. Resignation could be an option in the future though, along with rejoining the government caucus or remaining as an independent MLA, he said.

He said he had hired a lawyer and had undergone full-spectrum drug testing during the weekend to show he was clean of drugs.

He won the party nomination for Saskatoon Northwest on March 25th.

LeClerc wrote a book about his past titled Untwisted:An Extraordinary Journey of Overcoming and Redemption. The book is promoted as a Canadian best seller. LeClerc bills himself on the motivational and faith based talk circuit as someone who went from ‘lawbreaker to lawmaker.’ His Twitter feed has been quiet. He had been posting chapter excerpts of his book on his site.

A LeClerc interview is headlined on the TV show 100 Huntley Street (Crossroads Christian Communication Inc.) as Ex Crime Kingpin Turns the Tables. The interview is in 3 parts on YouTube.

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A week ago, LeClercs claims in his book about his pardon were being questioned.

Update: The report by Ron Barclay, Conflict of Interest Commissioner, released November 22nd. This is one of two, the second report looks at the use of LeClerc’s legislative assistant and office equipment to work for his company, Career 7. LeClerc resigned the end of August and is in Ontario getting ready for cancer treatment.
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3 comments for “Serge LeClerc Saskatchewan Party MLA steps aside, says he’s been smeared”

  1. I am very sad to hear about this situation. I was at the original prayer walk when the Teen Challenge property at Allan was being blessed. Serge’s influence and work there has no question helped many young men break free of their addictions and turn their lives around. No doubt these same young men will be affected by what is being reported in the news right now about Serge.

    As for the matter of Serge’s guilt or innocence – only our Lord and Savior and Serge know the complete truth of the allegations made against him.
    I do know however that we as Christians are held to a higher standard and often do become a target from the world. This is no doubt why the Bible warns us to be very careful to be truthful and forthright in all our dealings. The Bible speaks to this when it tells us that “He that is faithful in least is also faithful in much” and vise versa.

    This is why the claims made about the pardon in Serge’s book are very cruical. If his claims are found to be false this indicates deception and could be an indicator of other larger decetions. Similarily,in law if a lawyer exposes even a small lie from a witness under oath his character is tainted and the credibility of his whole testimony is called into question.

    Regarding the laptop – Why could ould Serge’s fiance not produce it to have the hard drive checked and clear up the matter?
    A news conference with a sample of hair being taken by an independant source on camera and sent to an indepedant lab for drug testing should be able to satisfy even the harshest critics. Submitting a hair sample through ones lawyer at this point probably won’t have much effect as it would most likely be viewed with the same amount of skeptism as a paid “expert” witness hired by ones own lawyer.
    These are just common sense suggestions that seem odd not to have been taken to clear up this whole unfortunate affair.
    In closing I would also like to say that I will be praying for Serge no matter what the truth turns out to be. He like all of us, need God’s grace to cope with life’s offences and unjust accusations when they come.
    However, if we are ever caught up in a weakness we can boldly go to the throne of mercy and receive forgiveness and the cleansing power found only through the blood of Christ.

    In His Service,
    Linda Guenther

    Posted by Linda Guenther | April 20, 2010, 10:26 am
  2. [...] LeClerc (Saskatoon Northwest) who was elected in 2007, was legislative secretary to the Corrections Minister and a member of the Human Services committee. He was asked to sit as an independent by Premier Brad Walls after an audio tape and 60 page chat room transcript of two men talking about drugs and sex surfaced in April. LeClerc resigned four months later, claiming innocence and citing poor health. Background is here. [...]

    Posted by Serge LeClerc – unethical and highly inappropriate behavior – Commissioner | Bene Diction Blogs On | November 24, 2010, 2:57 am
  3. I have been deeply grieved by this situation. The Lord ALWAYS allows the truth to be brought into the light and He has done so through the Commission. I just pray that Mr. Leclerc can make peace with himself and his Lord. DENIAL is such a strong force in his life, I cannot fathom going this long convincing himself that this was a simple vendetta against him with no ACCOUNTABILITY for his actions.

    I am strong on grace coupled with accountability. If one does not take accountability he will continue to repeat self-destructive behaviors. Freedom cannot exist in a LIE. It isn’t about apeasing the public-it is about being FREE inside in the name of Jesus Christ. It is irrelevant to me what persona I present to the public for ALL truth dwells in the heart. Since Mr. Leclerc is in his final days I pray for peace for him and his family…

    Posted by Melissa Grange | February 15, 2011, 8:45 am

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