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Charles McVety’s religious right wins victory in Ontario

Ottawa Citizen While the Christian Right in Canada has been able to slow down momentum in some areas, notably abortion rights, they have little success in really shaping public debate and setting the agenda. They react; they rarely initiate. This is what makes the sex education case so interesting. The curriculum changes were apparently made [...]

Garry Breitkreuz Still Battling With Police Over Right to Bear Arms

“A program can’t run without money and we’ll keep pressing the government until all the funding for this useless program is cut off completely.” On September 22, 1998, a large group of what I will call “gun enthusiasts” marched on Parliament Hill. They billed it as Fed Up II, so I can only assume there [...]

Joe Gunn, public justice, Canadian churches

Dennis Gruending 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved Note: Joe Gunn is executive director of Citizens for Public Justice, an Ottawa-based ecumenical group advocating for social justice. He has worked for churches and church organizations, mainly Catholics, in Canada and Latin America, and he was director for the Social Affairs office of the Canadian [...]

Serge LeClerc Saskatchewan Party MLA steps aside, says he’s been smeared

This is a strange one. The CBC lead the story with the politician who is at the centre of it on Friday. MLA Serge LeClerc (Saskatoon Northwest) who was a former director of Saskachewan Teen Challenge (2000-2007) stepped done from provincial caucus Friday, after a 12 minute audio recording of an internet chat and a [...]

What is Rod Bruinooge’s Private Members Bill Really About?

“Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.” Mother Teresa (1910-1997) I find that quote used often on pro-life websites to equate abortion with violence. However, it doesn’t ring true for most of these sites, that all too often support war [...]

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada attacked by Charles McVety

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Canada Christian College president Charles McVety, launches a rather vicious verbal barrage at The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. In his word.ca program  aired on The Miracle Channel and the IChannel (program #403) McVety hurls names at Christians who don’t accept his anti-science, climate change denial; more names [...]

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada are hyper-environmentalists – Charles McVety

On Sunday April 11, 2010,  Canada Christian College president Charles McVety went on television and called Christians across Canada earthies, hyper-environmentalists and apostates.  (Word.ca program 403). McVety uses his imaginings and a 2006 US commercial from the Competitive Enterprise Institute called Global Warming=Energy to promote his hyperbolized climate change denial. The commercial he bases his [...]

Another Cry on the horizon?

Faytene Kryskow Hey Everyone….if you are wondering if we are doing a CRY this summer the answer is no, but maybe . We feel to time the next CRY with the next election call. So, as soon as the election is called (whenever that is) assume a CRY is only a couple weeks around the [...]

Catholics and child sexual abuse

Dennis Gruending 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved It’s been a bad month for Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic hierarchy, and by extension a bad month for Catholics in general. The church has been rocked by more allegations, many of them now proven, regarding past sexual assaults by priests on young boys and [...]