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News roundup March 30th, 2010

The Canada Family Action Coalition acknowledges it has held private meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Haper and members of the current government six times since 2008. The oganization is tied into the evangelical fundamentalist Canada Christian College in Toronto, and is known for bragging about access to federal politicians. Formed in 1979, the group is [...]

Harper’s hard right turn

Harper’s hard right turn. Paul Wells at his best. Chock full of examples…Rights and Democracy, Youth for Christ Winnipeg, Catholic Register and womens rights, Insite, The Manning Centre, Institute for Marriage and Family Canada (Focus on the Family Canuck style) and more. One minor beef, Charles McVety being referred to as Dr. McVety. Taken together, [...]

NHOP promotes Israeli prayer walk

By Dennis Gruending 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved I have reported previously about the National House of Prayer (NHOP) in Ottawa. As I write this, Rob and Fran Parker, the husband and wife team who lead NHOP, are planning what they describe as a prayer walk to Israel in late March into April. [...]

Human Rights complaint against Manitoba Addiction Foundation

A Winnipeg man who has struggled with alcoholism for decades says he has filed a complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission over the lack of a treatment program that’s free of religious or spiritual elements. Rob Johnstone said he has battled alcoholism for 40 years and can’t find a treatment program that doesn’t rely [...]

Leaving Fundamentalism

I am a bit stumped on how to write about this book Leaving Fundamentalism, which is edited by  G. Elijah Dann and published by Wilfred Laurier Unversity Press (2008). I have not read the book, it has been offered. The internet being what it is, I landed at the Google book preview and didn’t stop [...]