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Canada’s ties to the Council for National Policy

From Dawn thot :summary. The full 20 page .pdf can be downloaded from the link. The chart at Dawn thot is interactive. Clicking on each organization will give you a quick summary of what the organizations beliefs are. I think many Canadian Conservatives would be dismayed if they knew the extent of the economic and [...]

Kings Glory Fellowship Association doesn’t file tax return What’s in a name?

It appears the public is being suckered by Calgarian street preacher Artur Pawlowski. And it appears a group called Kings Glory Fellowship Association may also have been suckered. And it appears Street Church Ministries may have been suckered too. Pawlowski is identified as head pastor of Kings Glory Fellowship Association, which, according to Equipping Christians [...]

CTS operated charity without a licence

Crossroads Television System (CTS) has publicly acknowledged it has been soliciting money from viewers without Revenue Canada Charities blessing. CTS is a federally-incorporated, not-for-profit corporation without share capital. CTS is licenced for religious programming and has stations in Burlington, Edmonton and Calgary.  Iner Smith, CTS Development representative: CITS Media Resources Organization launched in the winter [...]

Canada Dominionist Conference – Unite For Dominion

Canada’s neo-charismatic dominionists are putting on a show in Calgary January 28-30, 2010. This is a stellar lineup of religious right leaders who believe Canadians must live under biblical law and they are just the folk to make it happen. Dick¬†Deweert who founded The Miracle Channel (Canada’s TBN) and who stepped down in 2007 after [...]