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We Were Wrong. There IS No Hidden Conservative Agenda.

StageLeft: life on the left side Back before the first Conservative Party electoral sort-of victory, we lefties were convinced that the Harperite wing of the party was driven by a secret program for Canada, a list of priorities antithetical to what we thought our country was all about. No-one ever set out their “secret Conservative [...]

Paul Wells, Macleans: second thoughts on Canada’s religious right

In this old column I made extravagant fun of the notion that the Harper government was overly beholden to an assortment of picturesque Christianists. Tonight I’m not so sure I was right. Paul Wells He is rethinking his 2006 article on Marci McDonald’s Walrus article which is the defining piece which this site uses for [...]

Conservative blindsiding: MP Diane Ablonczy and MP Brad Trost

As part of the Marquee program, various festivals received larger amounts in funding. There are a number of Marquee festivals and events in Canada and $100m has been allocated over the two years of the program to boost them. As a Tier One festival (i.e. with attendance of more than 250,000) Pride Toronto qualified for 20% [...]

Reluctant to convey – groups refused standing

An Ontario judge has turned down a request from two religious groups and a conservative women’s group to take part in a constitutional challenge of the country’s prostitution laws. Mr. Justice Ted Matlow of the Ontario Superior Court said that the groups would be liable to turn the trial into a soapbox for spiritual views, [...]

Bishops clear Development and Peace on Lifesite allegations

Dennis Gruending Canada’s bishops have rejected allegations that the Catholic aid agency Development and Peace (D_P) provides money to organizations or projects in Mexico that promote abortion. The bishops created D_P in 1967 to support projects in poor countries and to undertake development education in Canada and two bishops sit on D_P’s board. The string [...]