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the evolution of so called “parental rights”

From Terahertz Alberta is set to enact “parental rights” into law today, at the expense of their children’s more fundamental right to education, with Bill 44, the amendments to the Alberta Human Rights Act. But where did these notions come from? The Alberta Conservatives are not known for being creative with respect to policy, preferring [...]

Family “Coalition” Strikes Out in Alberta

Terrible Depths comments on new developments in Alberta: Remember when that bogus coalition tried to smack down Beverley McLachlan for her alleged role in getting Henry Morgentaler his Order of Canada? Well, it looks like the religious right is back playing that game again. The subject du jour is the Albertan “parental rights” legislation, which [...]

News roundup May 25, 2009

The long awaited court case between The Anglican Church of Canada and four breakaway churches with ACiN is underway. The trial in BC is expected to last 3 weeks. The court ruling is not expected for awhile. Religious Intelligence has a summary. 90th Parallel Productions is airing a documentary on Global tonight at 10 pm. [...]

Preston Manning Fronts for Signal Hill Fronts for Pro Life BC

In Thursday’s National Post, Terry O’Neill published a fluff piece promoting a new pro-life group in B.C., Signal Hill. (He gets around to mentioning that he is actually on the board of Signal Hill, and therefore presumably playing the role more of interested promoter than critical columnist, only midway down the page, and his bio, [...]

Self publishing Canadian author of The Shack

Globe and Mail Thank God. He’s bought a house. William Paul Young, that is – the world’s hottest new novelist, a guy who not 16 months ago was working, in his words, as “a general manager, janitor and inside sales guy” for a small company in Milwaukie, Ore.; a guy who, “with a couple of [...]

News roundup May 22, 2009

Former Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert has accepted a five-year term as principal of the United Church’s St. Andrew’s Theological College in Saskatoon, effective July 1. He graduated from St. Andrew’s in the mid-1970s and pastored United churches in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, and Moose Jaw before entering politics in 1986. He served as premier for six years until [...]

Who is Tom Flanagan?

A new Tory operative, University of Calgary professor Tom Flanagan, recently weighed in on the continuing Human Rights Commission debates, predictably arguing that the Commissions should be sent to the junkyard, but adding the novel, anti-historical, ideological twist that the free market is a better cure for discrimination. A trio of Canadian bloggers promptly leaped [...]

News Roundup: Education Edition

Two religious battles over education now appear to be shaping up in this country: one over religious education in Québec, and the other over new parental rights legislation in Alberta. The Albertan controversy, which has been discussed previously on this site as well as at other blogs, is being covered regularly by Big City Lib, [...]

The Parlimentary Pro-Life Caucus: Identifying the Members

From Terrible Depths As promised, the following updates my previous post on the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus, a secretive group of pro-life parliamentarians in Ottawa. Interestingly, the article, after being cross-posted at Religious Right Alert, was picked up by the blog of Equipping Christians for the Public Square, a religious right political advocacy group currently headed [...]

Campaign for Life Ottawa March coverage

The Campaign Life Coalition’s Exodus 2009 (I googled Exodus 2009 and hit stories of Sri Lankan civilians displaced in civil war) March for Life held it’s yearly Parliament Hill rally.  Just about every year they complain the group claims it doesn’t get either any/enough/favorable/inaccurate media coverage.  As mentioned Michael Coren wrote a piece for them in The National Post, [...]