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On July 1, 2008 Governor General Michelle Jean announced Dr. Henry Morgentaler was to be a recipient of  The Order of Canada.

henry-morgentalerOnline reaction was swift. While reputable companies such as Ispos Reid polls indicated a majority of Canadians agreed with the decision, overnight an unknown company calling itself KRLVU Research disagreed, and began to be talked about on social conservative sites.  By July 22, 2008 Lifesite News announced that Campaign Life Coalition had discovered 55.8% of Canadians surveyed by KLRVU polling opposed Dr. Henry Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada.Order of Canada

It quickly became apparent to bloggers who follow social conservative bloggers concerned with life and gender issues that the poll  had cut come from a fly by night company which cut and pasted a US survey form, and used a fully automated phone-polling system to gather opinion. One of the first bloggers to wonder if this new company was push polling (freeping) was  unrepentant old hippie.

Massive poll a massive scam?

Woohoo, we’re rollin’ in polls!

It’s been two weeks since polls done by Ipsos Reid and Angus Reid showed that 2/3 of Canadians support Dr. Morgentaler’s Order of Canada. I was expecting anti-choicers to respond before now with some negative poll results they were able to glean through a combination of subterfuge and sleaze. So when I saw them crowing about a Massive Poll out today that said “56% of Canadians oppose Morgentaler Order of Canada”, I thought “What took ya?”. Oh well, it’s summer for fetus fetishists too.

This latest poll was commissioned by “Campaign Life Coaltion”. It’s funny that when Canwest, a media chain with no agenda, commissions a poll, it comes out in favour; but when CLC, an anti-abortion group, commissions a poll, it gets the opposite results. Huh!? Indeed! Any poll about Morgentaler commissioned by an anti-abortion group lacks credibility for obvious reasons, and Birth Pangs takes the thing out to the woodshed here.

But never mind that, there are some other things bothering me about this poll. Although Campaign Life (who would never lie) says the question asked was a simple

“Do you believe abortionist Henry Morgentaler deserves the Order of Canada Press 1 for Yes Press 2 for No”

…we don’t know that, do we? And unlike the Ipsos-Reid and Angus Reid polls, there’s no way of checking it out. Why not? You’d think “KLRVU Polling”, the research company out of Winnipeg who did the poll, could clear it up in one quick phone call, and they probably could… if they had a phone.

The phone number for KLRVU Research belonged to a Winnipeg business called Lasercut Designs. Lasercut Designs was run by the brother and sister-in-law of  Winnipeg South Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge. Alan Bruinooge had run for Winnipeg City Council in 2005.

Bloggers began to take notice of the unrepentant old hippie research into KRLVU.

Birth Pangs  notes the tie in with Campaign Life Coalition (Canada) and Operation Rescue (US)

Part 2 Blogs investigate KLRVU Research


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