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Albertan “Parental Rights” on Sexuality, Religion, and Evolution

From Terrible Depths, used with permission: Religious Right Alert and Slap Upside the Head have in the past couple weeks been covering some surprisingly petty social conservative policies of Ed Stelmach’s government, like the official statement that the government is not going to recognize public-sector employees’ same-sex spouses as legally married because it believes gay [...]

Daily Roundup for April 30, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI has issued a statement of “sorrow” but not an apology, after meeting with First Nations leaders to discuss the residential school system. (h/t Dammit Janet!, Unrepentant Old Hippie) David MacDonald and 4 My Canada director Faytene Kryskow have presented a 18 222-signature petition to the Governor-General, demanding she revoke Henry Morgentaler’s Order [...]

The Development and Peace “Scandal”: The Catholic Church and Women’s Rights

In late March, several religious right organizations – including Priests for Life Canada, LifeSiteNews, and Social Conservatives United – broke the story that the official international aid agency of the Canadian Catholic church, Development and Peace, was funding NGOs in developing countries which were, among other things, pro-choice. The resulting outcry was enough that the [...]

New Horizons for Seniors Funds Chuck Strahl’s Church

I was a little bit disturbed when I made my daily patrol of the news sites and discovered Lloyd Mackey of CanadianChristianity.com suggesting that there was “a compassionate and entrepreneurial iceberg” of government funding (interesting metaphor) hidden behind a March 18 announcement by Conservative seniors minister Marjory LeBreton, and that the intentions behind these projects [...]

Dr? Charles McVety

When did tracking down ministerial credentials become synonymous with “wild goose chase“? YaYa Canada Bill Kinnon He calls himself, Dr. Charles McVety. One of Dr? Charlie’s Mac’s jobs is working as the president of Canada Christian College. You’ll find Chuck’s faculty data here. Where he claims a D.Min from California State Christian University. According to [...]

Daily Roundup April 24, 2009

Slap Upside the Head continues to cover the Albertan gay benefits policy. Premier Ed Stelmach has now defended his minister and Treasury Board president Lloyd Snelgrove, by declaring in Question Period that the government will continue its policy of recognizing same-sex spouses as “benefit partners” rather than as “spouses”: “the benefits are the same… and [...]

B’nai Brith and the Christian Right

Largely due to their disproportionate size, in our society, the Christian right tends to occupy a space seemingly synonymous with the “religious right” in general. This is not, however, necessarily accurate or fair. An article in last year’s summer edition of the Jewish progressive magazine Outlook, written by Concordia historian Stephen Scheinberg, explores the relationships [...]

Daily Roundup for April 23

There are signs that the religious right hopes to play a role in the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership competition. Frank Klees, Bene Diction wrote weeks ago, is connected to Charles McVety. Randy Hillier also has religious right connections. His campaign is run by Tristan Emmanuel (h/t Buckets at Bouquets of Gray), former director of Equipping [...]

Daily Roundup for April 22

The government of Alberta is refusing to permit employees to list their same-sex spouses as, well, spouses – they must be registered in the more limited category of “benefit partner.” Treasury Board president Lloyd Snelgrove says his government has “no intention of changing the definition of spouse to include people in same-sex marriages.” (h/t Slap [...]

Daily Roundup for April 21, 2009

Dave Quist of the Focus on the Family Canada-funded think tank the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, discussed here and by Terrible Depths, recently criticized online dating sites for harming women, explaining that orgasms make women fall in love and therefore must take care not to have them with the wrong men. Ottawa journalist [...]